Hard Christian Truths

A special word for Churches, Ministries and Mission Organizations

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

The first-century disciples turned the world upside down precisely because of their boldness and willingness to pay any price to see the kingdom expand. These things are still happening in many developing countries around the world, but it seems the western church has come to a dead standstill, and there…

Which is the best match for you?

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For hundreds of years, going to the mission field meant going through your denomination’s sending agency. As denominations become less relevant in the 21st century, the Great Commission remains. The first-century church had no denominations; maybe that is what allowed them to have such a far-stretching impact on the Kingdom.

The Pearl of Africa will always have a place in my heart

Photo by bill wegener on Unsplash

We have had the privilege to live in the pearl of Africa for ten years now. Sadly, that time is coming to a close. There are certain things that I will not miss (Bodas, politics, matooke), but there are things about Uganda that will be etched in my memory forever…

Hard Christian Truths

Stop before you do something you regret

image from j taliaferro

Cancel culture is all the rage these days. If someone does something you don’t like or says something you disagree with, you just cancel them. It’s easy, and it feels good (at least to the one doing the canceling). But is that really what Christianity is about? Is that really…

j taliaferro

Storyteller, Author & Disciple of Jesus Christ. I just started a humor pub featuring true stories: The Low Brow https://bit.ly/37J0IuR

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