Ekklesia: The Assembly of Christ Followers

An honest and biblical perspective on modern church practices

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We Christians are strangely devoted to how we do Church. We love tradition. We enjoy the feeling of going to fellowship with other like-minded people in a beautiful building. We delight in hearing the choir or worship team sing and listening to the inspiring messages. We appreciate the children’s programs and youth mission trips.

But are these traditions producing the result that Jesus expected from his Church? Is it producing devoted disciples or cultural Christians? It is impacting the hurting in our local community and the lost in foreign lands? If it isn’t, then we need to reconsider our approach.

How to avoid being hated by every writer on the platform

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Imagine getting a private concert from Jimi Hendrix. He wows you with creative arrangements and acrobatic guitar playing. Then when it is all over, and he takes a bow, you clap one time!

Welcome to the “Idiot’s Guide to Clapping on Medium.”

That’s right, you just met the idiot in the opening paragraph. Let’s start with a simple rule of thumb. Never, ever, under any circumstances, clap only once. There are many ways to show your appreciation and support your fellow writers (as stated below), but the single clap is insulting and makes you look like an unappreciative coffee slurper.

A new publication filled with humiliating stories from around the world.

The Low Brow-humor publication on Medium-http://medium.com/the-low-brow

There is no other place like this on Medium. Consider The Low Brow to be the opposite of Medium pubs like Jane Austen’s Wastebasket. High Brow humor is not our gig. We tell TRUE stories of embarrassing misadventures from around the world.

Living and working overseas exposes you to language mishaps, cultural faux pas, and gastrointestinal adventures. These are not stories for polite conversation! But misery loves company, and if you have been humiliated yourself, you are more likely to appreciate the misfortune of your fellow travelers.

We are accepting contributors.

Christian Excuses Series

What does Jesus say about helping the needy?

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American Christians have become accustomed to government programs supplanting their responsibilities to care for the needy. We avoid accountability by voting for people that promise to help the needy in the way that best aligns with our political beliefs.

Yet, the problems of poverty and homelessness continue to rise because the government has a proven track record of screwing up anything they touch. That is why Jesus gave this responsibility to his people, not to the government.

In Matthew, Jesus says,

“Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.”…

Christian Excuses Series

Evangelistic cowardice

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I grew up in a small rural town in Texas. The Baptist church where I was a member, had 300+ in attendance on most Sunday mornings.

On Monday evenings, we had “visitation.” Visitation was a time where members of the church would go to visit people who hadn’t been to church in a while and check in on them. It was also a time to share the gospel with people in our local community.

My dad would take me with him on Monday evenings after he got home from work. …

Christian Excuses Series

Sanctification or excuses, you decide

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Jesus comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. — Finley Peter Duane

That’s one of the things we love about him. That is until we find ourselves on the wrong side of the equation.

There is that moment while reading a passage or meditating on a verse that we realize, “I’m the Pharisee in the story, not the leper.”

We generally like to think of ourselves as the good guy, but sometimes the script doesn’t fit.

It’s then that we have a big decision to make: will we continue to misinterpret Jesus’ teaching and stay comfortable, or will we repent…

Fathers taking responsibility for raising the next generation of men

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Most men imagine God to be like their dad. It is a natural association. In the best of situations, dads help us to envision how God might be. In them, we have a living, breathing example of authority that we see and interact with every day.

That is an intimidating responsibility for any father. None of us can be an exact reflection of God, but for our children’s sake, we should give our best effort. Because we have seen how damaging an abusive or absent father can be to a boy’s psyche, not to mention his view of God.


Mentorship Methods

The Secret To Finding A Better Mentor

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Bookstores are filled with books on leadership, most of which are worth less than the pages they are printed on. Don’t waste your money, and don’t fall for the sales pitch. Instead, judge a book by its cover. But not the front cover. Look at the back cover.

I look at the author. I read the bio. If there is a picture, that helps too.

Why? I’m looking for someone who has done something with their lives. …

Ekklesia: The Assembly of Christ Followers

What is the difference between Traditional Church and Kingdom Community?

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If you have read my previous articles, you might have gathered that I am a proponent of a style of the church different from most people’s practice. It has many names, Organic Church, House Church, Simple Church, even Primitive Church. I feel that each of these explanations fall short of what our worship experience is. I prefer to call it Kingdom Community.

This style of church expresses a biblical ecclesiology that encourages profound growth both in and out of the meeting time. But, I have not always been a part of this ancient ecclesiastical tradition.

My first 27 years of…

Christian Mentorship

This post offers something valuable for every type of mentor

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In my book “Letters to an Apprentice,” I examine 16 different mentors that have influenced my life. As part of this examination, I list Mentoring Strategies they each used that had such a deep impact on my life. In this post, I will give an in-depth description of all 33 of these strategies. My desire is to give you practical and actionable information that you can implement now.


If you are prancing around your living room and doing turns with different outfits, you are doing this Mentorship strategy wrong. Please don’t try that. Modeling is a form of teaching by…

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