New Religions Series

The New Religions Series

What do you really worship?

j taliaferro
3 min readJan 29, 2022


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Human Beings are fanatics at their core. Every person is a zealot. Our objects of devotion vary widely. But our level of devotion always seems to lean towards the extreme, and it is usually irrational and misplaced.

At this point in history, the major world religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism & Secularism. All of these belief systems have more than one billion adherents. But to the mind of a modern person, these are the old gods. They are outdated and irrelevant. The old religions are dead.

Most people today have no time for the religions of their fathers. They may go to their temples and churches to appease the cultural requirements, but they reserve their true worship and devotion to one of the new Religions.

Welcome to the New Religions Series

In this series, we will be exploring the modern religious landscape, specifically as it affects the modern Christian. We will expose and reveal our idolatry by examining where we spend our emotional energy and religious fervor. We will look at these new religions and investigate the ideas that accompany them.

Then we will finish the series by revealing Jesus (not Christianity) and what He has to offer. You will see that in Jesus, we will find the only one worthy of our devotion. Jesus provides precisely what we need, and in true worship of Him, He also provides exactly what the world needs.

All of these religions attempt to address one of the most pressing questions in the world today.

Who am I?

Where does my identity lie?

How am I different than other people?

We have been given broad freedom in this respect by our creator. He allows us to self-identify. We have free will. God wants us to choose for ourselves what we feel is worthy of our worship.

When reading the Old Testament, you might think that my previous statement is false, but let me explain. (I warn you. This will be a gross oversimplification.)

The Jews made a covenant or a contract with God (Exodus 24:6–8). They devoted themselves to him…



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